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Paul Wade

Paul Wade grew up in Dublin, Ireland before coming to San Francisco in 1993. Ten years and a Gold Gloves championship later, Wade founded 3rd Street Boxing Gym in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Third Street has been an institution in the Bay Area since 2003, and much of its popularity and success can be attributed to the rigorous intensity Wade applies to his craft.

The gym has developed an incredibly loyal following over the years, and the community within personifies the grit and dedication it was founded to cultivate. Wade's relentless passion has inspired boxing enthusiasts, amateur and professional fighters, fitness experts, and even A-list celebrities to flock to 3rd Street.

Alan Largaespada

Alan was born and raised in San Francisco, and ever since he was little he was always the "fat kid". At his heaviest he weighed 350lbs, was fat, miserable, and near death. That’s when he decided to change his life for good. Alan found boxing at 3rd Street and his martial arts and fitness journey began! He lost 160lbs and started to compete in amateur boxing. After learning the basics, he decided to start teaching what he knew to others. He furthered his martial arts quest by learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Today Alan is a blue belt under Ralph Gracie and Kurt Osiander and has learned some Muay Thai and Wrestling as well. His training and fitness philosophy is that you have to enjoy your workouts and there should always be a hunger for knowledge!

As head trainer at 3rd Street, in addition to teaching Classes, Alan heads up the “Fight” program for those who want to focus on boxing technique and sparring.

Laura Deanovic

Laura Deanovic started boxing at the age of 40 and fell in love with the rigor and challenge of the sport. She had a short amateur career culminating in being a National Golden Gloves champion in the masters division. Consequently she became a professional fighter and trainer. Laura is very appreciative of the influences of her long time trainer, Ed Gutierrez, and Third Street Gym’s owner, Paul Wade. Laura was featured in Mike Kepka’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle which focused on San Francisco residents succeeding in unusual fields which then led to an online feature by Health Central about people with autoimmune diseases thriving in unexpected ways.

Outside of boxing, Laura is a public school mathematics teacher and an orchestral percussionist and jazz drummer.

Dave Teran

Born and raised in San Francisco's Mission District, growing up on Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali as a kid Dave quickly became fascinated with boxing and martial arts driving his parents insane as he would hit the punching bag for hours on end and run around the house. What attracted him the most was the individuality and self confidence it offers. And at the end of the workout the sense of accomplishment. Dave has participated in numerous martial art tournaments and boxed in the amateur level, having sparred and worked out with some of the top amateurs and pros fighters in the Bay Area and Las Vegas. Coaching group and private clients for about 12 years now, his goal is always to teach it like it was meant to be taught while making it fun. Dave is USA boxing and California athletic commission certified.

Lenny Albert

Lenny trained Paul Wade when Paul first started competing. Paul credits Lenny for teaching him the basic fundamentals of boxing, helping him develop his own style and theories on competing, and also furthering his own unique style of training clients and fighters. You'll find Lenny teaching the Sunday morning Cardio Boxing class, as well as training clients one-on-one around the gym. He has years of knowledge and has the ability to teach boxing in a fun and productive manner. His specialties include: basic boxing, stance, punching techniques, leverage development, defense, workout routines, and many other knowledgeable insights. Introduce yourself to him!

Miriam Nakamoto

Miriam Nakamoto is considered one of the top female strikers in the world. Versatile in both Muay Thai kickboxing and traditional boxing, she has been involved in the striking arts for over 13 years. She has been professional since 2005, sporting a Muay Thai record of 14-0.

She can be found around 3rd Street teaching in our Fight program. Miriam also trains out of Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, CA, under the tuttelage of Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons, who is notably the head coach of the US National Muay Thai Team.

Odilia Flores

Odilia is a Bay Area girl raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. She has always had a passion for sports and adrenaline-filled activities, and has been a multi-discipline athlete for most of her life. From playing in the San Francisco Womens’ soccer league for many years, she then transitioned to a long distance running athlete. She loved the physical and mental endurance of running an average of 4 half-marathons a year.

She has always had a passion for boxing and watched it from a young age. A brush with fate brought her through the doors of 3rd Street. Her love for boxing grew as she was drawn to the rigorous training and science of the sport. Tieing into her love for fitness, she naturally transitioned to the role of instructor. She loves bringing high energy and intensity to her classes.

She is TRX certified, incorporates weight training, cardio conditioning, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into her teaching. She is highly committed to motivating her students, working 1-on-1 with members, and is available for Personal Training sessions as well.

Outside of the gym, she loves rooting for the Bay Area teams. Go Giants and Warriors!

Adrian Ortiz

Adrian Ortiz is originally from Mexico City but grew up in the peninsula. He is a former competitive boxer with 10 years of training under his belt. He’s always had a passion for physical fitness and boxing. He’s also competed in power lifting and is a firm believer in incorporating weight training into boxing. His passion for helping others achieve their physical fitness goals motivates him to pursue a career in the fitness industry. As a former competitor he has huge love for the sport of boxing and enjoys every aspect of training. He’s not a one trick pony so feel free to pick his brain, his experience in power lifting and boxing have given him many tools to use in all his training methods.

Jaime Velazquez

Jaime's obsession with martial arts started at a young age. He wrestled four years in high school and continues to train submission wrestling. Currently, he is an amateur boxer under his trainer, Jeff. Jaime enjoys mixing up his workout routine by incorporating unconventional drills, flexibility training and team drills. These unfamiliar drills every now and then make training fun and exciting. He is a passionate fan of both boxing and MMA. He enjoys teaching martial arts because it builds confidence.

Cassie Morford

Cassie grew up in Michigan as a competitive gymnast and avid rock climber. She had never boxed before discovering 3rd Street Gym, but quickly became addicted to the adrenaline rush of doing a contact sport. Years of gymnastics made her a firm believer in the power of bodyweight exercises to develop strength, but as an adult she discovered barbells and is always happy to talk about lifting heavy! She’s excited to use her gymnastics coaching experience to help you develop body awareness and good form during strength and conditioning exercises (and may even teach you how to do a handstand, if you ask nicely).

Outside of the gym, Cassie is an Engineer at Dropbox, and spends as much time as possible skiing, backpacking, or with her puppy, Hadoop.

Tope Pedro

Tope is a life-long athlete and has played several sports throughout her life including collegiate tennis. Tope discovered her passion for the sweet science by taking classes and participating in bootcamps at Third Street Boxing Gym and subsequently started competing as an amateur fighter. Tope competed in all three 2015 Olympic qualifier tournaments and was the 60kg weight class 7th ranked amateur fighter in the nation that year. She is also a Hiltop Cup champion and a 2x Beautiful Brawlers champion.

While pursuing her amateur boxing career, Tope was also earning graduate degrees and exploring her other passions in nutrition and health. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and advanced degrees in nutrition and a master of public health. During her dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian she complete over 1500 hours of supervised practice at various adult and pediatric hospitals in the bay area as well as a sports nutrition rotation with the Dolce Diet, working closely with the Dolce Diet Dietitians and nutrition team.

Tope currently works as a pediatric clinical dietitian at Stanford Children’s Hospital. She specializes in pediatric oncology and genetic inborn errors of metabolism, and as part of her role, she is trained in and covers all conditions related to pediatric and adult clinical nutrition. Tope is also one of our very own instructors here at 3rd street and has been for several years. You can find her teaching boot camp every Friday morning and occasionally filing in as an instructor for Tough Love classes.

Tope believes that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition and will work with you to personalize a nutrition package that fits your age, lifestyle, and diet preferences. She looks forward to helping you make a long-lasting, lifestyle changes that feel right for you. Her love for all things nutrition + science and physical fitness leads her on a continual quest for delicious and nutritious foods for optimal health and peak physical performance.

Tope also loves challenging herself with other workouts including tennis, bike rides and spinning, versa climber, pilates, and barre classes. Tope finds her balance with at home spa days, master meal prepping and spending time with family and friends.

Mario Lopez

Gina Florio

Gina is a master kettlebell trainer who has taught at various gyms all over the world. Her areas of expertise include kettlebells, strength and conditioning, bodyweight movement, and yoga. A Harvard graduate with a passion for health and fitness, Gina moved to San Francisco in 2017 and loves sharing her knowledge with group classes and one-on-one clients. 

She expects a high level of participation from her students and always finds a way to have fun, no matter how sweaty things get! 

Carlos Narvaez

Born and raised in San Francisco, Carlos Narvaez is a motivated certified personal trainer accomplished in helping clients at all fitness levels get into the best shape of their lives. After graduating San Francisco State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology he has been able to use his skill set to work with a wide variety of clients. On a daily basis Carlos works with people who have physical disabilities like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, athletes at all levels, and those who want to get healthy with exercise. Through his work and collegiate experience Carlos is able to effectively prescribe pre-rehab/post-rehab exercises to clients who suffer from pain and/or movement restriction due to an injury or physical limitation. In addition, he is able to prescribe bootcamp/strengthening style exercises for those who seek a challenging yet functional approach to fitness.

Jamie Yu

Jamie's fitness journey started in college when she decided to teach herself about health, wellness, and fitness. She spent many years working out with guidance of famous personal trainer programs, before realizing the workouts she designed on her own showed better results. Jamie designs workouts and nutrition plans for her close family and friends. Her favorite style of training combines the high-intensity of tabata-style bodyweight movements and the muscle-building aspects of lifting.

Jamie is an advocate of overall well-being, and swears by exercise as a form of stress relief. She believes that working out is exercise for the body and the mind. Outside of the gym, Jamie is a full-time software engineer at Verily Life Sciences, a medical company under Alphabet. She spends her free time training for a marathon, experimenting how to cook guilt-free baked goods, and taking boxing classes at 3rd Street!