Hone Your Skills


Our “Academy” classes are formatted after a classic boxer’s workout and training regimen. If you're looking to focus on your boxing technique, or eventually want to spar or compete, this program is for you! A smaller class size allows participants more one-on-one coaching from the instructor. Class is held 5 times per week, with a different focus each day:

Mondays, “Mitts”: Focus on mittwork, accuracy,  and controlling movement, all while maintaining proper technique.

Tuesdays, “Technique”: Focus on slowing down your technique and breaking down movements in greater detail.

Wednesdays, “Concept”: Focus on boxing and fighting concepts; for example, using angles and changing levels.

Thursdays, “Footwork”: Focus on footwork - how to hit and move while keeping proper technique.

Fridays, “Sparring”: Once you are comfortable with the basics and have a valid USA boxing license, you’ll be matched with someone that is appropriate for your skill and size, and you'll put everything together you've learned throughout the week in real-life sparring!

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, and gloves. Headgear and groin guard if sparring.

Prerequisite info: You must have taken our Beginner Boxing 1 class before signing up for these classes.


“Academy” drop-in*

1 Academy Class: $35

10-Pack Academy Classes: $32.50 ea.



$215 / month


Unlimited gym use!

Unlimited boxing and strength & conditioning classes (aka "Class"-level classes)!

Unlimited technique & sparring classes (aka “Academy”-level classes)!


+ 50% off your first Personal Training session!

+ Up to 22% off Personal Training packages after that!

+ $100 off Bootcamp!

If you’ve taken “Beginner Boxing 1” in the last 2 weeks, you’re eligible for our beginner promo membership deals!

* Single drop-ins & packages are non-transferable and expire 3 months after purchase date.