The Ten Commandments Of Third Street

  1. You must check in at the front desk every time you enter. Use the iPad to check in to class. If you're checking in to a PT appointment or working out on your own, just give the front desk staff member your name.

  2. If you take a class, prior registration is required. This ensures our classes aren’t overcrowded. You can sign up via our mobile app.

  3. You must have your own equipment. You can rent or buy equipment at the front desk. We do not loan out gloves, wraps, mouthguards, or other protective gear.

  4. No unsupervised sparring. Use of the ring is for those taking Technique & Sparring classes, or at the discretion of instructors / staff.

  5. You must be 18 or older to use weights and machines.

  6. Wipe down machines after use. Help keep our equipment clean for everyone.

  7. No outside food or drink in the gym (except water).

  8. No high heels permitted on gym floor.

  9. Do not set your belongings on the ring, or sit on the side of it.

  10. Do your part to keep our facility clean. Take your personal belongings with you. We are not responsible for items left behind. They will go into the Lost & Found and eventually be thrown out.

Also, please treat the Front Desk staff well. They are here to help you and make sure the gym runs efficiently & professionally! :)