Nothing makes us happier than seeing new faces around 3rd Street! Follow the steps below to get started…

1. Take “beginner Boxing 1” for FRee!

We offer Beginner Boxing 1 three times each week - schedule is below! No experience is required, and this first class is free! You won’t need gloves or hand wraps for this class; just bring a jump rope for warmup (or you can loan or buy one at the front desk).

Please note, this class is popular and normally fills up—if you no-show or late cancel (less than 4 hours), you’ll be billed a $15 fee!


2. Take “Beginner Boxing 2” for $15.


We want you to come back so bad, we cut our class drop-in fee in half!

Now go download our app and book Beginner Boxing 2! Our app is the easiest way to: 

  • Book your classes

  • Sync to your calendar

  • Track your attendance and purchases

  • Stay up to date on schedule changes

  • Change your form of payment

  • Get notified about promotions

  • And more!

3. Take the next step…

We only require you to take Beginner Boxing 1 and 2 once each (although you’re welcome to take them again if you’d like!) After that, no matter what your goals are, we have a path for you, and promos to sweeten the deal along the way!...

  • Ready to become a member? Get $86 off your first month of membership (either “Class” or “Academy”) with our beginner deals. Hurry, this promo is only valid up to 2 weeks after your first beginner class!

  • Still want to check out a few “Class”-level classes before committing? All good—get 2 classes for $49, or 5 classes for $119!

  • If you’re not so much into classes and just want to workout on your own, get a Club membership!

  • If a monthly membership doesn’t make sense for you, get a 10-pack (“Class” or “Academy” for classes, or Club for using the facilities) which you can use over a 3-month period.

  • Have a specific boxing or fitness goal, or just really like the 1-on-1 setting? Book a personal training session. If you become a member, your first session is only $50!

  • Ready to dive headfirst into boxing technique, losing weight, gaining strength, and developing muscle tone? Our Boxing Bootcamp is for you.

  • The workout is only half the story. If you’re serious about locking down your diet, take advantage of a free nutrition consultation with our registered dietitian!

Lastly, go follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Please note: All new folks at 3rd Street must take both “Beginner Boxing 1” and “Beginner Boxing 2” before any other boxing classes. These classes introduce you to our punch system, help prevent injuries, and ensure the best experience for you and others, so they are required! You can only skip this requirement if you go straight into our Bootcamp or Personal Training, or just want to take our non-boxing classes.