Rebecca L.

Be like Rebecca. It’s time to ditch those Tinder-for-fitness-classes apps and become exclusive with us! 🥰 #3rdstreettribe

How did you get into boxing and how did you find yourself at 3rd Street?

“Third Street and I connected through an app back in early 2015 and we hit it off immediately. After a few good class dates I couldn't deny that boxing at Third Street was everything I was looking for and more. Not long after that I quit the app and we became exclusive, and I have never looked back.”

What's the best part about boxing? Why do you train?

“It's simple. Because you have to fight for your right to party.”

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies?

“I've had a lot of friends tell me that they want to try boxing but that they are too intimidated. But look - I am so clumsy that can't even put pants on without face planting, so if I can do it, literally anyone can!”