Monica is right, sometimes just showing up is the hardest part. We love the fact that she walked by one day and saw a class going on, and that renewed her spark for boxing! Now she's one of our regulars! 🥰 #3rdstreettribe

How did you get into boxing and how did you find yourself at 3rd Street?

“Years ago, I used to workout with a group and hitting focus mitts was my favorite part. One day, I walked by 3rd St and watched part of Paul’s Tough Love class doing partner work. It looked hard but it looked fun and I missed hitting things. Soon after, I did my first bootcamp and a few weeks ago I finally joined.”

What's the best part about boxing? Why do you train?

“I train to get out of my head and into a zone for an hour plus. The challenging, hard workouts are as important for my mind as they are for my body. I love the rhythm and dance-like quality of boxing and the intense focus required to try to hit something or someone correctly or to avoid getting hit. It's also really fun!”

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies?

“Showing up is the hardest part. Don’t compare yourself with anyone but at the same time learn from those who are more advanced. Everyone at 3rd St is trying to improve, just like you are, so don’t be intimidated.”