Who else feels like a badass after a good boxing workout!? Kasey does 💪 #3rdstreettribe

How did you get into boxing and how did you find yourself at 3rd Street?

“I got into boxing sort of by accident. It was something I had always wanted to do but it wasn’t until I came back from doing a marathon and was injured that I actually started going to classes. I found 3rd Street because I passed it everyday on the way to work and it was the most old school traditional boxing gym in the area. I took the free beginners class, wanted to learn more, and signed up for bootcamp.”

What's the best part about boxing? Why do you train?

“The best part of boxing is how much of a badass I feel after class. It's an amazing workout, the trainers are fantastic, and I always leave feeling empowered. I’ve learned so much about boxing and built muscles I didn’t even know I had.”

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies?

“My words of advice would be that it takes time to learn boxing. I will always be learning. I was very frustrated during the beginner class because I couldn’t get the punches down and then I was frustrated again during the first boot camp when I couldn’t do a push up or jump rope. You just have to keep going because you’ll find something amazing with it and a strength within yourself.”