Be like Helen. She shows up, leaves her stresses at the door, and gives herself to her workout! ⚡️ #3rdstreettribe

How did you get into boxing and how did you find yourself at 3rd Street?

“I moved into the neighborhood last year and was looking for a gym to join. I found 3rd Street, took a beginner’s class then took Old School Boxing and was hooked. I have always wanted to get stronger and learn how to throw punches if I ever needed to defend myself and the more classes I took at 3rd Street, the stronger and more confident I felt.”

What's the best part about boxing? Why do you train?

“Boxing is a full workout for my body and mind. It forces me to leave the worries and stresses of the day at the door and give it my all, physically and mentally. I train because it makes me feel stronger and I can feel myself getting better with time.“

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies?

"It all seems intimidating at first, but if you commit to showing up, focus on your form and give it your all during your workouts, it will be worth it. Also, the trainers are rockstars so be sure to ask for help if you need it!”