Heather is one of our Bootcamp regulars, and all-around badass boxer chick staple of the #3rdstreettribe! πŸ’₯

How did you get into boxing and how did you find yourself at 3rd Street?

β€œMy trainer introduced me to the punching bag after a particularly intense day. Loved it immediately so I took a few classes and kept boxing in my workout rotation. When I moved to Dogpatch, I stopped in on a recommendation, and once you meet Paul how can you not want to work out at Third Street?”

What's the best part about boxing? Why do you train?

β€œBoxing is a killer workout for your body *and* your mind. Cardio, endurance, strength training and agility are all pretty obvious, but there's a mental challenge too. It demands that you engage wholly and the focus pushes everything else out, which is really restorative and resetting (like yoga). Also: boxers looks great in sleeveless shirts. πŸ˜€β€

Any words of advice or encouragement for newbies?

β€œ3rd Street is for everyone. Absolutely try it and don't judge yourself the first time out.”