What We Teach

In our gym, we focus on a very specific skill set - traditional boxing. We don’t teach MMA fighting, or jiu-jitsu (though we’ve done these things in the past). We don’t teach crossfit, ballet, or yoga. It’s just not what we do here at 3rd Street Boxing.  Why?

Here are 7 reasons we only teach boxing:

  1. Boxing is an amazing workout. We believe that the training involved in traditional boxing provides the best workout possible and has enough variety so you never get bored.

  2. It’s great for your brain. Traditional boxing is technical and involves using your head as much as your body.  When you’re first learning, you’ll be using your brain to focus on basic stance and form - learning to move your body in ways that may not feel natural. As you progress, you’ll focus on footwork, body position, and defense - these skills are all about using your head. Every day you’re here, you’ll finish your workout feeling that you’ve taken care of both mind and body.

  3. It’s fun! Ever had any success sticking with a workout that isn’t fun? Us neither. We’ve trained thousands of people of all fitness levels and ages here and the main reason they keep coming back to 3rd Street Boxing is that it’s a fun workout, even when you’re sucking wind and can’t wait for it to end!  

  4. It can help you relax. Tough day at work? To-do list falling off the page? Kids making you feel like that Mom-of-the-Year award isn’t within reach? Get in here, give it one good hour, and you’ll be amazed at how much more grounded you’ll feel after pounding the heavy bag or focusing on your defense.

  5. There’s so much to do! Our classes use hundreds of different drills to improve your conditioning, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Every day and every class is unique and will work every different area of your body.

  6. It’s safe! Whether you’re doing full body conditioning, pounding on a heavy bag, or doing mitt work with a partner, we take your safety very seriously. Black eyes and hurt backs are not part of our program. Our trainers will never put you in a situation or encourage an exercise that we feel isn’t safe. You’ll never step into the ring until you feel that you are ready and have a sparring license - and all sparring is supervised.

  7. It’s a good workout for anyone. Boxing is highly scalable to all ages and fitness levels. We train 6 year olds and help keep 86-year olds in shape mentally and physically. You won’t ever step into the ring until you yourself want to, but knowing how to defend yourself is a great confidence booster for anyone.

If you are into MMA or kickboxing, we can promise your striking and head defense game can benefit from traditional boxing training. Time after time, fighters who effectively strike with a solid punch while maintaining their defense have beat their opponents in the Octogon. We’re here to work with you to help take your fight to the next level.

What do you have to lose? Get in here, start learning, and get boxing fit!