Seven Reasons You Should Learn To Box:

  1. It's an amazing workout! The training involved in traditional boxing provides one of the best possible full-body workouts.

  2. It helps you de-stress! Tough day at work? To-do list falling off the page? Get in here, give it one good hour, and you’ll be amazed at how much more grounded you’ll feel afterwards!

  3. It’s great for your mind! Traditional boxing is technical and makes you use your head as much as your body. From focusing on basic stance and form, to advanced footwork, body position, and defense, these skills are all about using your head! After your workout you'll feel you’ve taken care of both mind and body.

  4. It’s fun! It's hard to stick with workouts that are routine and mundane. Luckily that's not how we do things. We’ve trained thousands of people of all ages and fitness levels, and the reason they keep coming back is that it’s a fun workout (even when you’re sucking wind and can’t wait for the end!)

  5. There’s so much to do! We use dozens of different drills to improve your conditioning, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Every class and trainer has their unique flavor, so you won't get bored!

  6. It’s safe! Whether you’re doing full body conditioning, mitt work, or pounding on a heavy bag, we take your safety very seriously. Black eyes and hurt backs are not part of our program. Our trainers will never put you in a situation or encourage an exercise that we feel isn’t safe.

  7. It’s for everyone! Boxing is highly scalable to all ages and fitness levels - we train 7 year olds and 70-year olds alike! Even if you never plan to step into the ring, these are skills anyone can learn, and knowing how to defend yourself is a great confidence booster.

What do you have to lose? Get in here and glove up!