Your First Class Is Free!

Group classes for old-school boxing technique, cardio, strength & conditioning, and more. We have up to 7 classes every day! Classes are open to Class & Advanced membersDrop-ins are also welcome if you have prior boxing experience or have taken the Beginner's Boxing class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class to wrap your hands and allow the instructor to get a count of participants. Equipment is available to rent or purchase at the front desk if you don't have your own.

Class Descriptions

Beginner's Boxing

Want to learn the basics of boxing and get an introduction to the gym? This is the perfect way to do it. One of our team of amateur and professional boxers leads this introductory class. In it you'll learn the foundations of boxing, the stances, and the different punches. You'll also be introduced to our unique blend of high-intensity cardio and strength training. A great intro to what we do here!

Equipment needed: jump rope


Cardio Boxing

This is our signature Cardio Boxing class! We provide a high-intensity cardio workout combined with boxing fundamentals and strength training. You might be doing mitt work or circuit training - bring your A-Game and expect a workout!

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


HIIT Boxing

This class (High-Intensity Interval Training) is all about aerobic and endurance training through a combination of short-duration boxing and mat work drills. HIIT training takes many forms but has been shown to be one of the most efficient ways to get and stay in shape. Get in, hit it hard, and get it done!

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Gloves, Mitts, Bags!

A small-group class focused on your punching technique. You will work with instructors and partners doing drills with gloves, mitts, and heavy bags. Expect a great session for honing your skills!

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Old School Boxing

Former Pro-Boxer “Iron Man” Ed Gutierrez’s signature class. Classic heavy bag boxing and mat-based strength drills combined with classic tunes. This class is different every time and may include switching stances, pushups and planks, station work, truck tires, heavy ropes, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Get ready for a great workout!

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Tough Love

Our hardest and most popular class, usually taught by the founder of 3rd Street Boxing, Paul Wade. Part boxing, part cardio, part Paul’s signature “tough love” philosophy, you will push yourself harder than you thought possible and feel ready to tackle the world when it’s over. On any given day the class may include heavy bag work, cardio mat work, dumbbell conditioning, push ups, and running.

Note: Class limit is 25 students on weekdays, 30 on weekends. Drop-ins accommodated if space is available.

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves  


Intermediate Boxing Technique

In this class, you'll do group work with one of our boxing instructors. If you're looking to improve specific skills, this is the class for you! Defense full of holes? Need some more snap in your punches? Come with an idea of the specific skills you’d like to work on.

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Feel The Resistance!

A tough session of full body conditioning with a strong emphasis on improving body composition, strength, imbalances, and cardiovascular fitness levels, led by renowned Irish personal trainer & fitness instructor Lewis Johnston. Time to get in boxing shape!

Equipment needed: jump rope


Training To Spar

Are you almost ready to rumble?! This small group class is designed to get you comfortable with body sparring, partner jab drills, and learning how to move around the ring. 

Equipment needed: mouthguard, jump rope, wraps, and gloves


12-Round Group Sparring

You've honed your technique, you've got that boxer's endurance, now you're ready to put your skills to the real test! In this group sparring class, you will spar for 12 rounds, getting a taste for all different styles and levels with your other classmates and instructors. 

Note: Unlike our Advanced Sparring class, you will not be entering the ring for this class, so no USA Boxing license is required.

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves. Also, mouthguard, headgear, and groin guard (available for loan at the front desk for now).