Get In Boxing Shape!

This is where it all begins! Get the basics down in Beginner Boxing 1 and 2, then ramp up your workout in an energized group setting. Our 60-minute Classes offer a range of cardio drills, boxing technique, partner and mitt work, body weight exercises, strength and conditioning, and more - you’ll never get bored. And we have up to 6 classes a day to fit your schedule!

Drop-ins & packages are available (great for checking us out or short-term visitors), as well as an unlimited Class membership. Pricing is below. Your first Beginner Boxing class is free! 

Note: We offer one non-boxing class, Circuit & Strength. No need take our Beginner Boxing classes as a pre-requisite for this - just sign up!


Beginner Boxing 1


This first class will lay your foundation here at 3rd Street! After a cardio warm-up, you’ll start to move like a boxer, learning the proper stance, balance, and basic footwork. Then you’ll learn your first two punches, the jab and the cross. As basic intro to defense, we’ll show you how to slip punches. Put this all together, and you’ll be throwing and slipping punches by the end of class! You’ll be ready to jump into Beginner Boxing 2 after this.

Equipment needed: Just yourself!


Beginner Boxing 2


Newbies, this will be your second class after Beginner Boxing 1. Veterans, jump in to revisit and refine your boxing fundamentals! You’ll learn how to properly warm up on the jump rope, and wrap your hands to prevent injury. Get your gloves on, then you’ll learn the rest of the punches: hooks to the body, hooks to the head, and uppercuts. Building on your slipping defense, you’ll learn how to roll under and keep your eyes on your opponent. Finish off with some heavy bag work, and you’ll be ready to jump into any of our other classes by the end! 

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, and gloves. Rent or buy everything you need at the front desk!

Prerequisite info: You must have taken our Beginner Boxing 1 class before signing up for this class.


Old School Boxing


Classic heavy bag boxing, mat-based strength drills, and old-school grit! Class may include partner work, drilling punch combos, practicing defense and footwork, and conditioning with push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and medicine balls. Leave the world at the door and take your worries out on the bag!

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, and gloves

Prerequisite info: You must have taken our Beginner Boxing 1 and 2 classes before signing up for this class.


Tough Love


Part boxing, part cardio, part strength & conditioning, and a heavy dose of tough love! Class may include heavy bag work, mitt work, partner drills, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, HIIT drills, and jogging indoors or outdoors. You will push yourself harder than you thought possible and feel ready to tackle the world when it’s over!

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, and gloves

Prerequisite info: You must have taken our Beginner Boxing 1 and 2 classes before signing up for this class.


Intro to sparring


You've honed your technique, you've got that boxer's endurance, now you're ready to put your skills to the test! In this group sparring class, you will spar with classmates and instructors, getting a taste for all different styles and levels. If you are itching to get more out of your classes, or have your eye on the ring, this is the perfect next step.

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, gloves, mouthguard, and headgear (you can rent this at the front desk).

Prerequisite info: You must have taken our Beginner Boxing 1 and 2 classes before signing up for this class.


Circuit & Strength


A tough session of full body conditioning offering a blend of power, strength, core, and cardio. Maximize your workout and calorie burn while increasing your stamina, tightening and toning the body. Class may include circuit training, body weight drills, free weights, kettlebells, and more. This is the perfect compliment to our boxing-focused classes!

Note: This is not a boxing class.

Equipment needed: Jump rope.



First "Beginner Boxing 1" Class: $30 FREE!

1 Class: $30

10-Pack Classes: $27.50 ea.



Unlimited Classes

+ Unlimited Club Use

+ 50% off your first Personal Training session!

$185 / month

If you’ve taken “Beginner Boxing 1” in the last 2 weeks, you’re eligible for our beginner promo membership deals!


* Single drop-ins & packages are non-transferable and expire 3 months after purchase date.