Get In Boxing Shape!


This is where it all begins! Get the basics down in Beginner Boxing 1 and 2, then ramp up your workout in an energized group setting. FYI - your first Beginner Boxing 1 class is free! Our 60-minute “Class”-level classes offer a range of cardio drills, boxing technique, partner and mitt work, body weight exercises, strength and conditioning, and more - you’ll never get bored. And we have up to 7 classes a day to fit your schedule! Here are the different classes we offer:

“Beginner Boxing 1”: Start learning the fundamentals like stance, punch numbers, and how to move.

“Beginner Boxing 2”: Learn the rest of the punches, how to wrap your hands, and basic defense.

Beginner Boxing 3”: Finished with Beginner 1 and 2? Let’s keeping working on those skills until you’re ready to jump into the rest of our classes

“Old School Boxing”: Classic heavy bag boxing, mat-based strength drills, and old-school grit! A great class for refining your boxing technique.

“Tough Love”: Part boxing, part cardio, part strength & conditioning, and a heavy dose of Tough Love! This class will get you working up a sweat, both mental and physical.

“Hit & Move”: This class focuses on agility and footwork to give you a great workout! Great for working on your punching technique while moving like a boxer.

“Intro To Sparring”: You will spar with classmates and instructors, getting a taste for all different styles and levels. If you are itching to get more out of your classes, or have your eye on the ring or our Academy classes, this is the perfect next step.

“Circuit & Strength”: Our popular non-boxing class, you’ll get a tough session of full body conditioning through a blend of power, strength, core, and cardio.

“Recovery”: In this slower paced class, you’ll focus on muscle activation and recovery techniques to encourage overall muscle strength, better stability and mobility.

“Form and Function”: This class is centered around proper lifting techniques guided by our instructors. Target different muscle groups with a variety of lifts.


“Class” Drop-in*

First "Beginner Boxing" Class: $30 FREE!

Second "Beginner Boxing" Class: $30 $15

1 Class: $30

10-Pack Classes: $27.50 ea.


“Class” Membership

$185 / month


Unlimited gym use!

Unlimited boxing and strength & conditioning classes (aka "Class"-level classes)!


+ 50% off your first Personal Training session!

+ Up to 22% off Personal Training packages after that!

+ 20% off Academy drop-ins if you want to check it out!

+ $100 off Bootcamp!

If you’ve taken “Beginner Boxing 1” in the last 2 weeks, you’re eligible for our beginner promo membership deals!

* Single drop-ins & packages are non-transferable and expire 3 months after purchase date.