Ready To Become A Warrior?

Bartender Bootcamp starts JUne 10th!


Bartenders, if you are ready to dive into a healthier lifestyle while cultivating community outside of the bar, our intensive Bartender Bootcamp is for you.

You guys are on your feet for hours at a time, working late nights—it can be rough, right? We’ve created a program to help keep you healthy and bond together as a group, while learning an addicting, fun, full-body sport—the “sweet science” of boxing! Here’s some of what the program will cover:

  • Boxing stance and technique fundamentals

  • How to wrap your hands

  • Proper warmup and jump rope technique

  • Punch combos

  • Heavy bag work

  • Agility and footwork drills

  • Stamina-increasing runs, indoors and outside

  • Body sparring

  • Resistance and recovery with foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and rubber bands

  • Access to the expertise of our resident dietician nutritionist.

  • … and more—our trainers will keep you on your toes!

Boxing newbies are welcome. In fact, this is the perfect way to dive in head first. Come awaken your inner warrior and change your life!

Equipment needed: Jump rope, wraps, and gloves. Also recommended: foam roller, lacrosse ball, and resistance bands. Buy all of these items in a convenient package at the front desk!

This is the real deal: 4 weeks, 5 days a week, 60 minutes every day. Give us these 20 workouts and we’ll make you part of our fierce fighting family!

Find out for yourself why folks keep coming back to 3rd Street!


Register For Bartender Bootcamp



Gym Members (Bartender Boxing membership only): $200

Non-Members: $300


Get a custom Bootcamp shirt! If you miss 3 days or less, the shirt is free! Otherwise it’s $12 ;)

Please note: no refunds or exchanges are offered on Bartender Bootcamp enrollment after the program has started.