Earn Easy Points Toward Free Stuff

Our rewards program automatically awards you points for visiting 3rd Street! You’ll receive an invitation to join the rewards program the first time you earn points. Once you create an account, you can track your points right from our app and participate in activities to earn more points, like booking and attending classes, posting on social media, referring your friends, and more. Once you earn enough points, redeem them for voucher in our app, show us your phone at the front desk, and claim your reward - it's that simple!

Perks to redeem

1 free vitamin water or water (-150)

7-day class pass for a friend (-250)

$10 of next retail purchase (-300)

3rd Street Boxing t-shirt (-400)

$25 off a personal training session (-500)

3rd Street Boxing sweatshirt (-1100)

1 free personal training session (-1200)

10 free classes (-3000)

1 free Bootcamp enrollment (-5000) 

How to earn

Refer a friend (+100)

Join rewards program (+50)

Enter your birthday (+50)

Share a photo on Facebook (+10)

Check in on Facebook (+10)

Attend a Personal Training session (+9)

Tweet (+5)

Follow us on Twitter (+5)

Attend a class (+4)

Attend a Bootcamp session (+4)

Book a class online (+1)

Spend $1 at the front desk (drinks, clothing, equipment, etc.) (+1)


Bonus earning:

Attend a 9:30am or 11:30am class (+8)

Check In on Facebook 3x per week (+40)

Share a photo on Facebook 4x per month (+25)

Book class online 5x per week (+25)

Attend class 5x per week (+25)

Fine print

Points will automatically expire 90 days after not earning any of the following perks: Online Booking, $1 Spent on Retail, Class Attended, Bootcamp Session Attended, Personal Training Session Attended

Points not valid for cash back (unless required by law). Does not cover tax or gratuity. Cannot be combined with other offers.

See our Perkville program page for restrictions.