Meet The Crew...


Paul Wade

Paul Wade grew up in Dublin, Ireland before coming to San Francisco in 1993. Ten years and a Gold Gloves championship later, Wade founded 3rd Street Boxing Gym in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Third Street has been an institution in the Bay Area since 2003, and much of its popularity and success can be attributed to the rigorous intensity Wade applies to his craft.

The gym has developed an incredibly loyal following over the years, and the community within personifies the grit and dedication it was founded to cultivate. Wade's relentless passion has inspired boxing enthusiasts, amateur and professional fighters, fitness experts, and even A-list celebrities to flock to 3rd Street. 

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Laura Deanovic

Laura Deanovic started boxing at the age of 40 and fell in love with the rigor and challenge of the sport. She had a short amateur career culminating in being a National Golden Gloves champion in the masters division. Consequently she became a professional fighter and trainer. Laura is very appreciative of the influences of her long time trainer, Ed Gutierrez, and Third Street Gym’s owner, Paul Wade. Laura was featured in Mike Kepka’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle which focused on San Francisco residents succeeding in unusual fields which then led to an online feature by Health Central about people with autoimmune diseases thriving in unexpected ways.

Outside of boxing, Laura is a public school mathematics teacher and an orchestral percussionist and jazz drummer.

Dave Teran

Born and raised in San Francisco's Mission District, growing up on Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali as a kid Dave quickly became fascinated with boxing and martial arts driving his parents insane as he would hit the punching bag for hours on end and run around the house. What attracted him the most was the individuality and self confidence it offers. And at the end of the workout the sense of accomplishment. Dave has participated in numerous martial art tournaments and boxed in the amateur level, having sparred and worked out with some of the top amateurs and pros fighters in the Bay Area and Las Vegas. Coaching group and private clients for about 12 years now, his goal is always to teach it like it was meant to be taught while making it fun. Dave is USA boxing and California athletic commission certified.

Alan Largaespada

Alan started boxing in 2008, fought in the amateurs, and has been teaching for almost 5 years. He's worked with 8-time Muay Thai world champion and pro MMA fighter Miriam Nakamoto as well as pro MMA fighter Brooke Mayo. 

With that being said, GO TRAIN!! 

Tope Pedro

Tope is a life-long athlete, playing several sports throughout her life, including high school and collegiate tennis, basketball, and track. After moving across the country from Ohio to California, Tope discovered a passion for the sweet science by taking classes and participating in bootcamps at Third Street Boxing Gym. Tope missed the challenge and rewards of competing in sports. In 2013, gym owner, Paul Wade took her on as an amateur fighter. Tope competed in all three 2015 Olympic qualifier tournaments and was the 60kg weight class 7 th ranked amateur fighter in the nation in 2015. She is also a Hiltop Cup champion and a 2x Beautiful Brawlers champion. After 15 amateur fights, Tope looks forward to making her long-awaited professional debut. Tope can be found at 3 rd Street, teaching bootcamp and as a sub for other classes.

Outside the ring, Tope has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and master’s degrees in both public health and nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian with focuses in pediatric clinical nutrition, adult intensive care nutrition, and fight sport nutrition.Her love for all things nutrition + science, leads her on a continual quest for delicious and nutritious foods for optimal health and peak physical performance.


Lenny Albert

Lenny trained Paul Wade when Paul first started competing. Paul credits Lenny for teaching him the basic fundamentals of boxing, helping him develop his own style and theories on competing, and also furthering his own unique style of training clients and fighters. You'll find Lenny teaching the Sunday morning Cardio Boxing class, as well as training clients one-on-one around the gym. He has years of knowledge and has the ability to teach boxing in a fun and productive manner. His specialties include: basic boxing, stance, punching techniques, leverage development, defense, workout routines, and many other knowledgeable insights. Introduce yourself to him!

Odilia Flores

Odilia is a Bay Area girl raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. She has always had a passion for sports and adrenaline-filled activities, and has been a multi-discipline athlete for most of her life.  From playing in the San Francisco Womens’ soccer league for many years, she then transitioned to a long distance running athlete. She loved the physical and mental endurance of running an average of 4 half-marathons a year. 

She has always had a passion for boxing and watched it from a young age. A brush with fate brought her through the doors of 3rd Street. Her love for boxing grew as she was drawn to the rigorous training and science of the sport. Tieing into her love for fitness, she naturally transitioned to the role of instructor. She loves bringing high energy and intensity to her classes.

She is TRX certified, incorporates weight training, cardio conditioning, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into her teaching. She is highly committed to motivating her students, working 1-on-1 with members, and is available for Personal Training sessions as well.

Outside of the gym, she loves rooting for the Bay Area teams. Go Giants and Warriors!


Lewis Johnston

Lewis Johnston is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. With experience working in the well renowned SBG gym in Ireland as a strength & conditioning coach, as well as being the head coach of the family run gym AJ Fitness Training studios, Lewis is well equipped to drive any individual to reach their goal. Lewis is also competing in kickboxing in his local club BMMA.

Danielle Midalia

Originally from Australia, Dan recently spent over 5 years living in Asia, gaining invaluable and comprehensive experience in the health, fitness and lifestyle industry. 

She's a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, boxing coach and group fitness instructor, and is currently completing her Precision Nutrition certification to further her passion for nutrition. 

Previously a competitive boxer and now also a lover of lifting, she brings with her lots of knowledge and fresh ideas which she delivers with energy and commitment to every group or individual. Dan is highly committed to continual education in health and fitness, and as a coach she is truly passionate about helping people achieve what they didn't think or know were possible.

Dan can be booked for Personal Training for beginner boxing, cardio boxing, or for those looking to improve their conditioning or learn how to lift!


Dennis Franco

Dennis has been training since high school. He started boxing out of SFC (Straight Foward Club), founded by Ben Bautista. At SFC his trainer was Paris Alexander. He then began training with Roman Acosta, who came out of the very famous school, Cuna de Campeones (Crib of the Champions). Roman was on the same team with fighters such as Guty Espadas, Sr. Miguel Canto, and Finito Lopez. This school was entrusted to Roman Acosta as head coach who Dennis interned under for the better part of 5 years. He was a finalist at the 2005 Golden Gloves, and was the middleweight champion at the 2006 Golden Gloves.

As a trainer, Dennis is obsessed with imparting good boxing technique! He builds his classes like a camp, focusing each week on a specific set of skills or movements. Even just a couple sessions with Dennis will set you on the path to being a better boxer!

Mario Lopez


Rob Fernandez