Odilia Flores

Odilia is a Bay Area girl raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. She loves sports and adrenaline-filled activities, and has been a multi-discipline athlete for most of her life. From playing in the San Francisco Womens’ soccer league for many years, she then transitioned to a long distance running athlete. She loved the physical and mental endurance of running an average of 4 half-marathons a year.

She has always had a passion for boxing and watched it from a young age. A brush with fate brought her through the doors of 3rd Street. Her love for boxing grew as she was drawn to the rigorous training and science of the sport. Tieing into her love for fitness, she naturally transitioned to the role of instructor. She loves bringing high energy and intensity to her classes.

She is TRX certified, incorporates weight training, cardio conditioning, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into her teaching. She is highly committed to motivating her students, working 1-on-1 with members, and is available for Personal Training sessions as well.

Outside of the gym, she loves rooting for the Bay Area teams. Go Giants and Warriors!

Odilia’s Class Schedule