2016 Survey Results and Upcoming Schedule Changes!


3rd Street Boxing Members!

Thanks to all who made time to take the 2016 Member Survey - we had over 70 responses, a great turnout from our member group! Here are the 5 major takeaways we got from you:


  1. You are a seriously motivated and dedicated group! Over 65% of you say that you come in at least 3-4 times a week!  And you’re early risers! Most of you indicated that you want to get into the gym much earlier in the morning.

  2. Boxing is what it’s all about. There is interest in incorporating different types of classes, but a strong preference for maintaining the boxing focus of every class.  

  3. You want to learn more. There is a lot of interest in adding skills classes to the regular schedule and being more technique focused.  There was also a lot of enthusiasm for a lunchtime class and many noted that they weren’t able to get to the gym right at 5pm for the first afternoon class.

  4. You like the trainers and the classes. Thanks for all the positive shout outs to our team! Paul’s classes are well loved but were frequently noted as being too crowded.

  5. You’re happy with the gym in general.  The facilities, and current program are all generally well liked. But the bathrooms need some work. And the mats get pretty sweaty between classes.


We heard you loud and clear about the areas where we can make some changes, and definitely want to build on what you currently like about the gym. Here are the changes we’re expecting to roll out:


  • New Technique Classes! Check out the new mid-morning technique classes “Gloves, Mitts & Bagwork”, “Intermediate Boxing Technique”, and “Training to Spar”! More new classes will join the afternoon schedule in January.  You’ll still get a great workout, but these classes include specific focus on improving your boxing skills.

  • Big Schedule Changes Starting January 23rd! There will be several big changes to the schedule beginning January 23rd.

    • The gym will open at 6:00 am on weekdays so you can come in earlier to do your own workout or have a long warm-up before your first class.  

    • Afternoon classes will start a half hour later at 5:30 pm (5:30, 6:30, 7:30)

    • The current weekday 11 am class will be moved to noon for a midday workout.   

  • Changes to Paul’s Classes. Paul’s classes will now be called “Tough Love” (catchy, eh?) and will be limited to members only who have some experience at our gym (no Classpass or first-time beginners for this class).  The class will be limited to 25 people or weekdays and 30 on weekends.  Signups through Mindbody will be required to guarantee you a space.

  • Keep it Clean! We’ll start asking that people give their workout area a quick wipe if they’ve left a puddle behind. We will get some buckets of disposable wipes or you can bring a little towel.  

  • Additionally, we’re finalizing plans for bathroom and locker room renovations to make them more usable and more pleasant.

Finally, as promised, one lucky respondent has won a one-on-one training sessions with Paul. A big congrats to Advanced Member Alex Ng!