New Years Bootcamp


Ready to make your New Years Resolution?

Looking to get lose weight, build muscle, get fit and say goodbye to the old you? 

Join our New Years Bootcamp today to start the first day of the rest of your life Jan. 9th, 2017!



You've made it this far, which means that your personal well-being is of considerable importance to your overall piece of mind. With 2017 right around the corner, we would like to invite you to participate in our annual New Years Bootcamp. Our 4-week long bootcamps consist of 20 individual 90-minute sessions of high-intensity cardio boxing workouts on weekdays at 6 am.  We guarantee that upon completing just one bootcamp, you will have measurable improvements to your fitness, physical appearance, and overall health. 

Why sign up with 3rd Street Boxing Bootcamps over the competition? Because we provide what other bootcamps cannot. Boxing does not just provide ass-kicking workouts but it is also therapeutic in relieving the stresses of daily life. Have you ever tried to take out all of your aggression on an exercise bike? If other gyms are selling you on shakes and fresh towels, it's because their physical regimens are inherently inferior. 

Join 3rd Street Boxing today if you want to unleash the warrior inside of you, and look good while your at it. 


Price: $500 for non-members / $400 for current members

When: Mon - Fri / Jan 9th. - Feb. 3rd / 6 - 7:30 am

Where: 2576 3rd Street. San Francisco, CA

Sign up at: