Updates to our Advanced Boxing program and Schedule!

Hey Everyone, 

Starting Monday December 12th, we will be making changes to our Advanced Boxing program to better serve our members by ensuring their continued growth and consistent participation. 

Previously, our advanced boxing program had somewhat of a "drop-in" format where attendees came at their leisure. Moving forward, we have developed a new schedule that will feature 4 skill-specific classes per weekday (two in the morning, two in the afternoon). We anticipate these changes will promote shared growth between all participants in the program, and ensure that members not only learn from our coaches but one another. 

For the morning classes, there will now be an intermediate technique class beginning at 10 am Monday through Friday. Participants will be focused on mitt work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday at 11 am. There will be a conditioning class Wednesdays at 11 am, and a sparring prep routine on Fridays at 11 am. 

The afternoon courses will now begin at 5:30 and 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Official sparring sessions will be held Mondays and Fridays at 6:30 pm. 

See the chart below to review the schedule changes:

New Advanced Schedule
Time: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 am Intermediate Technique - Small Group
11 am Mitts Mitts Conditioning Mitts Training to Spar
5:30 pm Advanced Member - Small Group
6:30 pm Sparring Advanced Sparring

Speaking of sparring, please remember that all members must have a valid USA boxing license in order to spar at 3rd Street, NO EXCEPTIONS! See the front desk if you need help signing up. 

Let us know what you think!