Join Us!

We have three tiers of membership for adults, plus a youth membership. Choose based on what you're looking for!

While you are welcome to drop-in to our classes and facilities as non-member, becoming a 3rd Street member has its benefits! Enjoy discounted pricing for Personal Training, Bootcamps, and more.


1. Club Level

Just looking to work out or train at your leisure in our facilities? The Club level membership allows you to gain access to the facility during our business hours and provides unlimited use of all of our equipment

Month-to-Month*: $125 monthly

6 Month Contract*: $105 monthly

12 Month Contract*: $85 monthly


2. Class Level

Everything included in the Club level membership (unlimited access to facilities), plus access to all of our Classes!

Month-to-Month*: $185 monthly

6 Month Contract*: $155 monthly

12 Month Contract*: $135 monthly


3. Advanced Level

Everything included in the Club and Class level memberships (unlimited access to facilities and our Classes), plus access to all of our Advanced Training!

Month-to-Month*: $215 monthly

6 Month Contract*: $185 monthly

12 Month Contract*: $155 monthly


Youth Boxing

The Youth Boxing membership gives our younger members access to our Youth Boxing classes.

Month-to-Month*: $70

6 Month Contract*: $60 monthly

12 Month Contract*: $50 monthly


*For all contracts, please note: 

If you have never signed up for a membership with us, a one-time $75 enrollment fee will also be billed to you. Your first payment includes the enrollment fee (if applicable), the first month's dues, and the last month's dues as a deposit.

At the end of the contract term, all contracts automatically renew on a month-to-month basis unless 30 days notice of intent to cancel is given. For example, if you sign up for a 6-month Class contract, at the end of that time period you will automatically be signed up for a month-to-month Class contract, at the month-to-month rate.

If you wish to cancel your contract early, an early termination fee will apply: 50% of the remaining contract dues owed, or $150 fee with written proof of medical disability or resident move of more than 25 miles from gym. A 30-day advance written notice is required to cancel a contract early.  If members are upgrading their contract (i.e. going from Club to Class, or Class to Advanced), the termination fee is waived.