We're always glad to see new faces around 3rd Street. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Know the rules

Make sure you understand the house rules at 3rd Street. Read them here


2. Know What To Bring


If you are taking the Beginning Boxing class, all you will need is a jump rope. Bring your own, or rent one at the front desk.

If you are taking any other Classes or doing Advanced Training, you will need a jump rope, hand wraps, gloves, and a mouthguard if you are sparring. Double check the equipment requirements for your class. 


Regular workout clothes are fine. Boxing shoes (wrestling shoes work) are recommended, but not required. No high heels allowed in the gym.



3. Know How To Wrap Your Hands

Wrapping your hands properly is critical in preventing injury. While there are many ways to do it, below is one good, easy-to-remember method. Learn this, and arrive before class with enough time to put your wraps on.


4. Download the Mindbody App

We use MindBody for our class schedule and sign-ups. Download the app so you can book classes and check the schedule on the go. Remember, your first class is on us!

If you have no prior boxing experience, please sign up for one of our Beginner Classes before taking any other class.


5. Register

Finally, register your info and sign the liability release below.