Hone Your Skills

If your goal is to spar & compete - or you just want to hone your boxing technique & sparring skills in a smaller group setting - we've got you covered. Classes offered 5 days per week. Drop-ins & packages are available (great for checking us out or short-term visitors), as well as unlimited memberships. Pricing is below. Beginners welcome!


Class Descriptions

Boxing Technique

If you're looking to focus on your boxing technique, or eventually want to spar & compete, this class is for you! The open format includes small group training, body sparring, and partner and mitt work, and is focused on improving your boxing form, technique, and power.

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves



This class is designed for those who have attended our Boxing Technique class several times, and are already comfortable with the basics. Once the trainer feels that you are ready for supervised sparring (and you have a valid USA boxing license), you will be paired with the fighters appropriate for your skill and size, and get in the ring!

Equipment needed: mouthguard, headgear, groin guard, jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Fighters' Strength & Conditioning

A full body strength & conditioning session focusing on functional strength, mobility, endurance and injury prevention. A necessary supplement for the well-balanced fighter athlete.

Equipment needed: jump rope.



1 Technique & Sparring Session: $35

10 Technique & Sparring Sessions: $325



+ Unlimited Technique & Sparring Sessions

+ Unlimited Classes

+ Unlimited Club Use

+ 1 Free PT Assessment for new members

$215 / month

* Please see our Memberships & Drop-In Policies page for more details.