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Want to try out our ClassesAdvanced Trainingclub facilities, or Youth program before committing to a membership? Buy a single drop-in or a multiple-class pack below! We also sell gift cards which can be used towards anything at 3rd Street!

If you are brand new to boxing, you must take our Beginner class before any other class. This class is free! Just book your spot, and choose "First Free Beginner Class!" at checkout.

Club Use

1 Entry Club Use: $25.

10 Entries Club Use*: $225.



First Beginner Class: FREE!

1 Class: $30.

10 Classes*: $275.

Advanced Training

1 Advanced Training Session: $35.

10 Advanced Training Sessions*: $325.

Youth Boxing

Trial Youth Class: FREE!

1 Youth Class: $15.

10 Youth Classes*: $135.

*Packages are non-transferable and expire 3 months after purchase date.