Hone Your Technique

Small-group training to hone your boxing technique, taught by our trainers who have been in the ring. This is the real deal. "Advanced" does not mean you have to be an experienced boxer, just that you want to focus on technique! Advanced Training sessions are open to Advanced members only. Drop-ins are also welcome if you have prior boxing experience or have taken the Beginner's Boxing class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class to wrap your hands and allow the instructor to get a count of participants. Equipment is available to rent or purchase at the front desk if you don't have your own.

Class Descriptions


Advanced Boxing Technique

Our Advanced program offers intense sessions taught by professional and amateur fighters and is only open to our Advanced Members. The open format includes small group training, body sparring, and partner and mitt work, and is focused on improving your boxing form, technique, and power.

Equipment needed: jump rope, wraps, and gloves


Advanced Sparring

Taught by professional and amateur fighters, this session is focused on improving your boxing form, technique, and power to get you into the ring. Once the trainers feel that you are ready for supervised sparring, you will be paired with the fighters appropriate for your skill and size, and get in the ring!

Equipment needed: mouthguard, headgear, jump rope, wraps, and gloves